St. Joe’s students give back to those in need


Leslie Martinez, Staff Writer

From November 19 through December 7 St. Joseph completed their tenth year in taking part in the Adopt-a-Kid program. The original founder of Adopt-a-Kid is Rosanne Eiternick who started the drive at Guerin Prep High School several years ago.  This has given many private and public schools the chance to serve the community. Senior Robert Martinez said “The peer ministry program at St. Joe’s is known for being very active. Our school, other schools in the Chicagoland area, and our school in Ethiopia receive support from the very involved members for several occasions.” Therefore this gave the Chargers and other students an opportunity to fulfill the Lasallian mission of serving others and what a better time than during the season of giving.

This year, thanks to all the homerooms and organizations that donated money and also to Campus Minister Mr. Hotek, as well as the student council who organized the event, St. Joseph was able to adopt 75 kids. The ages of those children who were adopted varied from ages 1 through 14.Some of the items that were given to the children were different kinds of toys, books, and even clothes.

In the past St. Joseph also took part in the Thanksgiving food drive thanks to the peer ministry program. The food drive took part this year in November in which each homeroom student bought one item or more of food in order to complete an entire thanksgiving meal for one family.

Unfortunately, this winter season is coming to a close soon but according to Mr. Hotek next year will be filled with other great opportunities to take part in the Lasallian mission. Some of these events will be helping out for the Hurricane Sandy victims and the drive for bringing in jeans which is known as Jeans for Teens Drive.