Freshmen adjusting to life in new environment

Tylisha Jackson, Staff Writer

We were all freshman once. Everything looked bigger than us, hallways were confusing, and being late to class scared the crap out of us. Yet, here we are as role models for the new freshmen, the Class of 2017.

They might be small, adorable and less threatening, but they are not afraid to speak up about the struggles of their first year in high school. 

Sometimes your first choice is not always what you get. For some transfer students, even many freshman, St. Joes was not their first choice, but they have learned to get used to and be happy with where they are now.

For instance, Joshua Johnson, 14, is currently a freshman here at St. Joseph High School. Sadly, St. Joes was not his first pick. He is already having so many struggles and complications with just being here like: no air conditioning, uniforms, expensive lunches, and expensive tuition.

“St. Joes is fun but there is no air conditioning, and not having laptops means we have to carry more books that cost even more money,” said Joshua.

Isaiah Davis, 14, also a freshman here at St. Joe’s, agrees and states “Yeah, Joe’s is a good school, I just have to get used to playing sports in high school. I’m not having too much trouble because my brothers gave me some advice for this year.”

Many of the freshmen came here for the laptops, now they have to wait for them. Well, Johnson says that’s why he came here instead of Immaculate Conception, because of the laptops. To top all of that, the passing periods are too short, and fear of being late can just stress you out. Johnson feels that we should have more time between classes so that they can get to class on time without any of the common obstacles.

“Like, say you’re in the 400s and you have to go all the way to the 100s hallways and you have to stop at your locker to get the rest of your books for you next class, how are we supposed to get to class on time?” asked Johnson.

Neither of these freshmen boys seems to have problems with their classes. They both say that even though their favorite part of the day is lunch; their favorite class is Biology, they like to learn about the Earth. They also aren’t having any trouble liking and getting to know their teachers, either.

“Mr. Jedrey and Mr. Niemiec are the funniest teachers at Joes, so far,” said Johnson, with Davis nodding in agreement.

So freshman year is not that bad apparently, there are no worries about where you going to sit at lunch, or are your teachers mean, or troubles with work, or in my case, just getting your locker open every morning. Hopefully you don’t need 6 different locks like me. Freshman year seems to be such a good start for these two. They even realize, themselves, that they have bright futures ahead of them.

“I plan to get to know everyone, teachers and students, graduate with honors, and be recruited for baseball or football,” said Davis, who seem to have a positive outlook on everything.

Last but not least, Johnson says “I want to join the volleyball team. I don’t know how to play but it sure looks like a lot of fun. I want to just see how high school feels first then make goals for my future.”