Seniors enjoying final year, prepping for next year

Ray Hodges, Staff Witer

On May 22, 2014, the time will have come for the Saint Joseph High School seniors as they graduate from high school and prepare to head off to college.
               Now and until then, during that time, you’re getting ready to head off to college. There are things that need to be done. Those things include filling out applications, taking the ACT or SAT, and figuring out what college you’re going to.

Some St. Joseph students have already begun their preparations for next year.
               One thing students need to decide is what they are going to study once they get to college. Saint Joseph student Brandon Reed already has an idea.

“I have decided to go to college for graphic design since that is what I plan on doing with my life,” said Reed.

Talking with Reed shows that he is ready for college and knows what he wants to do with his life.
               Another Saint Joseph student, Efrain Araujo, has shown that he is ready for college since he has already filled out an application to Marquette University.
             “I have already filled out an application, but at the same time I don’t feel like this is the school for me”, said Araujo. “There other colleges that I’m still looking at for what I want to do which is architecture.:

 This shows that Araujo knows what he has plan for him, but not sure if the college is for him. That is alright considering he still has some time left – but not much.
             When you’re a senior, knowing what college you want to go is fine, but always have a backup college to go to. The reason why is that something may come up and tuition maybe too much or you didn’t get an acceptance letter so always have a backup. There are colleges that have open house go to several they give great information about what to expect from the college.
              Preparing for college is very important. This is the moment when your life begins to change. But until then, enjoy your senior year.