Freaking about Finals? Some truths about exams

Leslie Loeza, Staff Writer

Finals are coming soon. Yay, right? For some, it’s not so much.

Every high school student has to take finals, so it’s nothing out of the normal. Some students prepare and or worry more than others. Here is some advice from seniors, perspectives from freshmen, and advice from Mr. Sinacore on how to best be prepared for finals.

Kameron Toney, a senior, has simple advice for freshmen about to take finals for the first time.

 “Study, study, study, study, study, study, study,” he said. “You might think your grades right now don’t matter, but come three to four years from now and you’ve got a ‘bad’ GPA, you can’t get into good colleges, that will really be affected (because you didn’t study.

“So study and study some more, but take little five to ten minute breaks because breaks really help.”

Another senior, Tylisha Jackson, said to confide in the people who will be giving the finals.

“Always ask your teachers for help because that’s just a good thing to do and it’s better to ask a teacher than another student,” she said. “Teachers can go more in depth about the topic or situation and they can help you more because they’re giving you the test. Hint, hint, ‘this might be on the test,’ when they say that, it’s going to be on the test. Don’t overlook that.”

While seniors know what to expect, freshmen will be taking final exams for the first time the week of Dec. 16 and it may be a little daunting.

“I really don’t care. I think I’ll do well on it,” said Stephanie Perez, a freshman. “I might review a little. ‘Review’ all the stuff that I learned and the notes. I feel a little worried, but I’ll try my best to study hard. I think it’s crazy to have one test that‘s worth 20% of your final grade, though.”

Some freshmen may not be worrying, but others are as finals do account for 20 percent of your semester grade – whether you’re prepared for it or not.

“I feel scared. It’s freshman year and I don’t know the tactics,” freshman Julian Corona said. “I’m pretty nervous because it’s the first time. To prepare, I’ll most likely study, study as much as I can. I feel worried and pressured because if I do ‘badly’ it might drop ‘my grade’.”

Teachers have all been there before and while some might like to make students sweat a little, most are looking to just make sure the students are getting the most out of their education.

For one teacher, Mr. Sinacore, he lived finals week at St. Joseph as a student and now he gets to give finals as a teacher. He has some advice for current students.

“I think students should take finals more seriously, but not freak out because finals are just a recap of the year,” said Mr. Sinacore. “It’s all been heard before. Don’t throw your notes out. Look at them regularly, like five minutes, that’s all you’ve got to do. Things from August are still on the test, so you’ve got to look back a little bit. In fact, my tests come entirely from my notes. I make quizzes from my notes. I make tests from my quizzes, which come from my notes. I make exams from my tests that are from my quizzes, which come from my notes.”