Choir hitting all the right notes

Leslie Loeza, Staff Writer

            Some of you think to yourselves, “Why is there a gospel choir at a Catholic school?” Well, Mrs. Juanta Griffin, the gospel choir moderator, has an answer.

“Some people are not used to this form of worship in their Parishes,” she said. “They haven’t been exposed to gospel music in their life. Some people feel uncomfortable around things they’re not accustomed to, but it doesn’t mean it’s wrong or should be banned.

“It should be welcomed and embraced. Any form of praise should be welcomed, treasured, and embraced because God is not going to say, ‘Is that gospel music you’re singing? Oh no, I’m sorry. I don’t like that praise’.”

            There’s a gospel choir this year because there was a need to involve students who were interested in music and chorus. Another reason for the gospel choir is because Mrs. Griffin knows gospel music.

“Gospel music was a genre that I was familiar with,” she said. “So I agreed to take it upon because I’m a musical theater major. I performed in many choirs, but gospel music was my main passion.”

“Oh man, yeah!” was Mrs. Griffin’s reaction when she was asked if there was a need for a gospel choir. “Especially a Catholic school because it’s a Catholic school. Catholic schools are not separate from Christ. That’s why the need is so there. The importance of Gospel music is to praise. God is honored by all forms of praise. To have a gospel choir at a Catholic school makes perfect sense because gospel honors the Bible. The absence is like having a theater school and questioning why they would have plays,” she said.

Mrs. Griffin feels that she has accomplished some things through the gospel choir

“It depends on how you measure accomplishments, but I believe the number one point of singing is to always praise,” she said. “Everything we do as Christians, Catholics, and people of God should be to honor and serve God. If I measure it by this, I’ve had the chance to offer gospel music and expose students to this music and give them a new form of praise. That’s how I measure my accomplishments: that I have done my part.

“As a Christian, people of God, our main objection, goal, purpose in life, should be to expand the kingdom of God. It should be to spread the Good News, to enrich people, to lighten them on the gospel of God. Gospel means ‘good news,’ so anytime you have the opportunity to share the Good News to the Masses, the large groups, it is your obligation, as a person of God, to spread the Good News. Every molecule in our body is designed to praise.”