New Teacher Profile – Ms. Muchowicz

Lillian Brown, Staff writer

Ms. Nicole Muchowicz, a new English teacher and theater director at St. Joseph, is here to make this year an exciting year for the faculty and students.

She has the right credentials from two different colleges, one being Columbia College in downtown Chicago, and the other being New York University. She is now in school to finish her Master’s Degree in Education.

She became an English teacher because she liked to read and write, and research topics that interest herself and others. Her favorite book is To the Lighthouse by Virgina Woolf. An exciting fact I found out about her is if she weren’t a teacher she would be a photographer. I also found out that if she had one power, she would want to fly!

When I asked her why she chose St. Joseph, she told me, “I observed the school (last year) and I really liked it!”

I had a great time finding out interesting facts and interviewing her, and I hope she has a lot to offer the school! We are happy that she’s a teacher at Joe’s and we hope she stays and enjoys what we have to offer her.