New Teacher Profile – Ms. Walsh

Kennedy Hayes, Staff writer

“What do you want to be when you grow up?’’ is a question every kid has gotten asked throughout life. Some know what they want to be and some have no clue, however this is not case for Tess Walsh. Ms. Walsh discovered she wanted to be a teacher when she was a little girl. She loved to play school with her friends and throughout her school years she was a teacher’s aide and she loved it.

Ms. Walsh has been teaching for an outstanding 24 years! She has earned her Bachelor’s degree in education at St. Mary’s college in Notre Dame, Indiana. She also has her Master’s degree in reading which she earned at Marquette University. She is currently finishing work for her Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction at Loyola University!

Ms. Walsh says that she is a very adaptable teacher.

“Every student is unique and every student learns in his or her own way, this requires me to adjust myself to the students interest and learning styles as I get to know my students,” she said.

Like any other teacher, Ms. Walsh has goals for her students and herself.

“I want my students to change in a positive way when they are in my class and will always challenge themselves to reach for the stars,” she said. “As for myself, I want to make a difference in my students education especially in the area of serving others.”

From Michigan, to Chicago, to the western suburbs, and now St. Joe’s, Ms. Walsh has taught all different types of students. Starting her new career at St. Joe’s Ms. Walsh loved how friendly everyone is.

“The staff and students keep me smiling all day,” she said. “There is a wonderful spirit here.”

Adding a new member to the Charger family is always a great thing. We welcome and appreciate you, Ms. Walsh!