New Teacher Profile – Ms. Zwilling

Lance Anderson, Staff writer

Here at St. Joseph we have a lot of new teachers arriving for their first year. Ms. Zwilling is our school’s newest addition to the science department. She is the new sophomore chemistry teacher who has replaced Mr. Savage, who taught here for many years and retired after last year.

Her interest to become a teacher was to help and explore different ways for students to learn. It was like second nature to teach after receiving her bachelor’s degree. Ms. Zwilling is a graduate of John Carroll University and she recently received her Master’s degree from Florida International University in analytical chemistry.

Although Ms. Zwilling came to teach at St. Joseph to be close to family, it is no coincidence that we popped up as a suggestion on her job hunt. Surprisingly, her favorite movie is an anime (Japanese animation) called “My Neighbors the Yamada’s.” Hardly do you ever hear a teacher favoring an animated movie.

Being a history fan in all, it also came to a surprise that one person she would love to meet would be General Ulysses S. Grant. His experience as a soldier is what makes him most interesting in her eyes. Just like being a new student, being a new teacher is a hard task a well.

We have no doubt that she will have a tremendous year here at St. Joe’s.