New Teacher Profile – Brother Michael Phipps


Mr. Korso (right) and Brother Michael (center) are two of the new faces here at St. Joseph. Check Charger news to see profiles on our new teachers this year.

Courtnei Stephens, Staff writer

Brother Michael Phipps is new to St. Joseph this year. He is the freshman class counselor and, along with Mr. Korso, helps fill the void left by Ms. Jovanovich. He is one of a number of Brothers at St. Joseph looking to return the school to its past glory.


Q: Could you give me a little background information about yourself?

Brother Michael: I was born in Washington State on February 16th, went to a LaSalle High School. I attended Northern Colorado College to study psychology and dance. Later on I graduated and became a LaSalle volunteer. I moved to Rhode Island and worked a middle school. Then later on came to Chicago to get my master’s for school counseling.


Q: What made you want to join St. Joseph High School?

Brother Michael: The brother’s asked me if I wanted to be a part of the St. Joseph family and I happily agreed.


Q: 3 words that describe yourself?

Brother Michael: Empathetic, Driven, and open-minded


Q: What type of student in high school were you?

Brother Michael: Honor’s Student


Q: Where do you see yourself in 10years?

Brother Michael: Hopefully still working at St. Joes and being a great guidance counselor.


Q: What’s your greatest strength?

Brother Michael: Being a great listener, very rational, and consistency.


Q: Who’s your role model?

Brother Michael: The brothers and my roommates.