Fall Play set to go

Diego Rodela, Correspondent

Twilight Los Angeles: 1992 By Anna Deavere Smith is a play about anti-violence and promoting peace. This play is set in Los Angeles after the riots involving Rodney King and the Los Angeles Police and the brutality that was happening in L.A. before the Rodney King Incident. This play is important because of recent instances involving people like Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO and Trayvon Martin a few years back in Florida and how it is controversial now.

The show times are November 14 and November 15 beginning at 7p.m. in the Sirus Theatre at St. Joseph High school. Ticket prices are $5. This tendentious & incredible play is directed by our new theatre director, Ms. Nicole Muchowicz. Come out and enjoy the talented acting that St. Joseph high school has to offer!

St. Joseph students who are involved in the play include: Diego Rodela as Ted Briseno, Mike Brokenshire as Peter Sellers, Lauren Ward as Gina Rae, Josh Jordan as Cournel West and Jesse Wilson as Dean Gilmore, including others.