School sees spike in generosity this year


Lillian Brown, Staff writer

There was such an exceptional increase this school year with the mission collections that I had to found out from the main source why he thought students were bringing in so much extra money for our sister school in Ethiopia.

I contacted Mr. Hotek and asked him various questions about his intake on the ordeal since he has been here an extensive time period. There’s been a smaller enrollment over the past couple of years benefiting to the reduced amount of money given lately.

Last year alone, the total amount was around $3,000, and this year we are looking to exceed that up to another thousand.

Stated by Mr. Hotek, “We have the time, talent, and money. I’m very impressed and thankful with the growth; all of the proceeds go to our twin school in Africa.”

Another reason there could be acceleration with the mission collection is because of the welcoming competition among homerooms; every classroom wants to be on top or ahead of one another which makes the win much better because we all know it’s going for a good cause. This year is going to be a good mission collections year because we want to make our standards better each year and make sure they surpass for the next year to come.