St. Joseph meets raffle quota, earns school holidays


Kennedy Hayes

Every school year, the students of St. Joseph and other Catholic schools are given a bundle of raffle tickets to sell to parents, friends, neighbors or anyone willing to buy.

At St. Joseph, because we have such a small amount of students, they are given the amount of $500 per person to sell, whereas some schools may only get $200 per person because they have a greater population of kids.

Each year, as a little motivation, the staff of St. Joe’s offers prizes to the winning homerooms whose students bring in the most money sold from their raffle tickets. The school is offered a day off of school if each student sells a certain amount and reaches a certain goal. This really gets the students ready to sell tickets because every student loves an extra day off.

This year, St. Joe’s met its quota and won a day off. The all-school holiday occurred the day before Thanksgiving. Other holidays will follow second semester.

Junior Alexandra Miceli stated “I am very thankful we earned this day off through the raffle drive. It is much needed and it allows us to spend more time with our family and friends for Thanksgiving. Coming back off a five day weekend will give us what we need to push through the next couple weeks leading up to finals.”