St. Joseph receives grants to upgrade science lab

Leslie Loeza, Staff writer

Ms. Zwilling, the chemistry teacher, is very proud to say that St. Joe’s has received donations and is planning to use it in the science department to upgrade our labs.

Many students don’t realize the importance of having a science lab. A science teacher sees a science lab as very important and this is not only because they are a science teacher. It is important to have a science lab because it gives you the chance to get a “hands-on experience” with what you are learning.

Some examples include dissecting a frog and naming its organs, mixing chemicals to test what makes a chemical reaction, and to test the laws of physics. As you can see, these labs seem simple and common amongst high schools, but there’s so much more to it. Here are a few questions you might have and answers given by Ms. Zwilling:


Q: Who donated the money we are going to use to buy new lab equipment? How much money was donated?

A:  The gas company Shell donated $8,500.  Ward’s Science donated $3,000.


Q: In terms of equipment, what is St. Joes going to use this money for?

A: “I would first like to get our chemical fume hood working. The chemical fume hood takes away gases that are harmful, if you’re doing a reaction. Right now we can’t do anything that would produce something harmful. We also have a lot of chemical waste that can’t be poured down the sink, so that’s very expensive to get rid of. Most of the money we’re spending is going to be on equipment that maybe they don’t realize costs so much money.”


Q: In terms of the classrooms, what is the donated money going to be used for?

A: “I’d like to have concrete floor instead of tile because tile can be peeled away. Also, some of our sinks don’t work either, so I’d like to get those fixed.”


Q: How do you think the students will react to this?

A: “Depending on how far the money is going to go, the room may or may not look very different. I hope they’re excited. I think that the floor looking different is going to be surprising and very different to them. They’ll probably think it’ll look nicer. Hopefully they’ll enjoy all of it.”