Dunk Tank a Big Hit for Students

Mr. Sinacore sitting on the Dunk Tank.

Mr. Sinacore sitting on the Dunk Tank.

Davane Gross, Staff writer

“I Don’t believe I Will get dunked a lot” said Religion teacher Mr.Lane, prior to the Student Council’s Dunk Tank.

On Friday September 4, St. Joseph High school celebrated its first annual dunk tank. Many teachers participated in this event. Students paid $1 dollar per ball to aim for the circle to dunk their “Favorite” or maybe least favorite teacher.

Students Roxanna Saucedo and Eileen Mejia, Seniors here at St. Joes believed that Ms. Loacasto, head department of Spanish, and Mr. Ermitage, History teacher, would get dunked the most. Based on their theory, it was proven correct. Senora Locasto did not stay dry too long and lines were long when she was first up on a very hot and humid day.

The idea was all from St. Joes very own Ms. Kalal a.k.a KK , also the biology, gym and Human Anatomy teacher at St. Joes. She came up with the idea and the rest of the student council jumped on to the bandwagon.

“It was something new and creative, and also to raise money for student council so the students can have more fun things to do,” said two seniors from student council.

Well thanks to Ms. Kalal and Mr. Lane for the tremendous event many teachers were dunked and more money was raise. With Ms. Kalal on head of Student Council she looks forward to many new and refreshing ideas this year to keep the students in each grade level involved and not be too focused on the Senor for a change. We look forward to more events from Student council as fun as this one.