Four St. Joseph students travel to Indy for NCYC conference

Melanie Mini, Johnny Milas, Eduardo Perez and Roxana Saucedo attended the NCYC conference in Indianapolis last month.

Melanie Mini, Johnny Milas, Eduardo Perez and Roxana Saucedo attended the NCYC conference in Indianapolis last month.

Johnny Milas, Staff writer

Every two years 30,000 Catholics, from all around the country, gather in Indianapolis for the National Youth Catholic Conference (NCYC) and the National College Collegiate Conference (NCCC). The conferences are three days full of worship, learning, music and excitement.

The Conferences started Thursday, November 19, with the opening ceremonies at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Before the ceremonies got under way, prominent Christian band For King and Country provided entertainment. Once the Ceremonies started, people were entertained by MC’s Jackie Francois and Paul J. Kim, beat boxing and dancing. The key note speaker was Father Leo Patalinghug, the host of the show Grace before Meals. He entertained the crowd by explaining how we all can be saints and mixing prayer and karate, the crowd loved him.

The next day, November 20, got off to the same energetic start. The session started at 8 a.m. and everyone was full of energy and excitant. At the session they introduced the Bishops for across the country who came to NCYC, including Chicago’s own Bishop Cupich.

After the mega session we walked across the street to the Indianapolis Convention Center. At the convention center there were mini sessions, shopping, informational booths and colleges.

The mini sessions had topics about: life after NCYC, love and lust, making good decisions, social justice, your faith in everyday life and many more. Venders sold products ranging for t-shirts to books to magnets. Booths were set up to provide information on religious professions. Some venders talked about religious and political topics such as climate change and abortion. Other venders were non-religious groups, like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Many colleges sponsored or had booths at NCYC. At their booths you would be able to get more information and sign up to be on their mailing list.

That night at the mega session we had Adoration. Adoration is worshiping the Eucharist outside of mass.

“It was an amazing site to see the stadium to go dead silent and hear absolutely nothing.” says Eduardo Perez, a junior who attend NCYC.

The last days key note speaker was the CEO of Catholic Relief Foundation. She talked to us about helping people get back on their feet after a disaster.

That night was mass. The mass was led by the Cardinal of Honduras. The readings were in both English and Spanish. The alter was made of small rocks that people had brought from around the country.

St. Joseph had four students attended NCYC with Divine Providence Church. Senior Roxana Saucedo, Juniors Johnny Milas and Eduardo Perez and freshman Melanie Mini. St. Joseph’s very own brother Allen was in attendance representing the La Sallian Brothers.

“It was amazing, one on the best experiences in my life,” Milas said. “The best part was making friends from all around the country and going to Adoration.”