World-Traveler now calls St. Joseph home

Fiona Leiva, Staff writer

Ms. Azsherae Gary, a person of many experiences, holds education very dearly to her heart. Her talent and travels have taught her much and have even given her many opportunities such as teaching in Tokyo, Japan. Recently she has become a new addition to the St. Joseph teaching staff.

Ms. Gary began her career preparation at Bryn Mawr College in her home-state of Pennsylvania. At this liberal arts school she realized how much she wanted to become a teacher.

“Having the ability to cultivate scholars and thinkers means that we are one step closer to transforming the world,” she said.

She also states that since education is life-long that she is still being cultivated and taught just like every other person, no one really stops being a student.

Once she completed college she went on to travel many places and gain many experiences in places such as Palestine, France, Britain, India, and Jamaica. This is when opportunity knocked on her door and she got a chance to teach at St. Joseph.

The prospect of teaching was so great that she took the chance and decided to come teach at St. Joseph.

Her impression of St. Joseph seems positive.

“There are some amazing students here,” she said.

Since St. Joseph has a variety of different clubs and organizations the thought of a new club coming with a new teacher didn’t seem so far-fetched. She stated that if she were to start a new club that maybe it would be a woman’s group, book club, or coach the dance team.

Ms. Gary encourages all her students to always keep reading and writing (her passion reflected in her desire to start a book club.) She states that her favorite books are by James Baldwin.

As a new addition to the St. Joseph team we hope that she will bring new innovative things to the education table and that her adjustment is a quick and smooth one. Let our welcome to Ms. Gary be a warm one.