St. Joseph to host Blackhawks players on February 29

Here Come the Hawks on February 29 to St. Joes.

Here Come the Hawks on February 29 to St. Joe’s.

Tessa Martyn, Staff writer

The Chicago Blackhawks are having an amazing season this year filled with streaks, record breaking moments and with roughly 24 games left in regular season they are at the top of the Western Conference Central Division.

Outside of hockey, some members of the Hawks have been making appearances at different schools and with different individuals to give back to the greatest fans in the NHL. On Monday, February 29, St. Joseph High School we will be hosting two or three Blackhawks players as a reward for winning first place in the 2015-2016 Goodwill Fall Haul Challenge.

The St. Joseph High School community donated 70,830 items to Goodwill to win the challenge. There were over 300 schools that participated in this campaign. The 2nd and 3rd place schools were rewarded with visa gift cards as their prize.

The Blackhawks players will be welcomed with an all school assembly and students will be participating in some activities alongside the Blackhawks. As a huge Blackhawks fan myself, I am extremely excited to see the Blackhawks and I am proud to be a part of this whole experience. I think it’s a great gesture by the Blackhawks to participate in such a wonderful campaign and it gets the whole community involved in achieving the challenge.

Recently, I asked a fellow peer some questions about this whole experience and what it meant to them and this is what they said “I think it’s a great opportunity for the school as well as the community and I am really excited about the Blackhawks coming to our school”.

So with that being said, CUE CHELSEA DAGGER!!!!