Let There Be Light

St. Joseph raises funds, able to raise up new electronic message board on Cermak Rd.

This sign replaces the old malfunctioning sign that used to sit on Cermak.

This sign replaces the old malfunctioning sign that used to sit on Cermak.

Branden Quintero, Staff writer

Glitchy, worn down, and decrepit. These are the words used to describe the old sign we had representing our school out on Cermak in front of the building. The wires that powered it ran under ground and would function just fine. Until the heavens blessed us with rain and the cables decided not to work.  So it needed a tune up.

In July of 2014, St. Joe’s called the company that originally sold us the sign. They’re the only ones able to give the sign the maintenance it required. To our disbelief, that same company was going out of business. That only left us with one option. St. Joesph had to step up and pay for an entirely new sign.

The sign was around $23,000 so in order to pay for it, much fundraising had to be conducted. Several people decided to step up and take control for this gigantic task Ms. Morton was one of them. She helped to spread the word about the fundraising with to as many people that would listen. Coach Ping was one of the people to help raise of vast amount of the funds. Around that time, the St. Joe’s class of 64’ was celebrating their 50 year anniversary. It was then that Coach Ping reached out to them for help on this project, which they did bringing them a great deal closer to the 23,000 mark. It wasn’t enough to cover all of it so with the class of 65’ also celebrating their 50 year anniversary they put in contributions as well. With their contributions they were able to raise 90% of the funds needed to purchase the new sign.

Coming up just short, Mr. Q took inspiration from the St. Joseph Football team and asked the students to ask for donations on the streets of Cermak, Mannheim and Wolf. With all of their efforts combined they were able to raise enough for another sign, which will last us another 20 years.