Familiar face returns to lead the Art Department

Mr. Zimmer is back after a few years away from St. Joseph

Mr. Zimmer has returned to St. Joseph to run the Art Department.

Mr. Zimmer has returned to St. Joseph to run the Art Department.

Genna Foster, Staff writer

For some, their passion is writing, singing, or playing a sport, but for Elliot Zimmer, his is art. Whether it be painting, sculpting, or in his case now teaching art, Zimmer has a very true enjoyment for it.

Zimmer grew up in Rensselaer, a small town in Indiana, and has an older brother and sister. He attended Saint Joseph’s College in Indiana where he received his degree in Art Education.

“Honestly, the reason I wanted to become an art teacher was because in middle school I had the worst art teacher, and from that it inspired me to become something better than that,” said Zimmer.

His disliking towards his art teacher in middle school was not the only inspiration for this passion he has towards art.

“I have been a life-long lover of art and am a third-generation artist/ art educator,” said Zimmer.

Some of the other things Zimmer has expressed his liking for include hunting, bags, fishing, and ping pong. He also enjoys sports and coaches soccer, wrestling, track, and cross country.

Although art is his passion, he actually was an English teacher at St. Joe’s for a year. He was hoping for an art job opportunity to open up, but there was no such luck, at least that’s what Zimmer thought.

Then one day, he got a phone call from St. Joe’s asking him if he would like to take over the art department for the entire school. He immediately accepted the job and hasn’t looked back since.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my first month and a half so far, with an exception of the heat in this school, but the best part about working at Joe’s is being able to interact with the students and entertain them,” said Zimmer.

Being 34-years-old, Zimmer has attended college, gotten a degree, and found a job. Some job search for years until they find the career path that they should be following. For Zimmer, he has gotten past all the trial and error jobs, and has found his love for art at St. Joseph High School.

“I absolutely plan on doing art for the rest of my life,” concluded Zimmer.