Fresh face, approach in the Academic Center

Ms. Williams overseeing students in Room 303

Kiara Jefferson, Staff writer

Here at St. Joseph High School, we have been getting new teachers almost every year. One year ago, Ms. Williams joined us, she is a teacher in the Academic Center. Ms. Williams has worked in the education field for the past 14 years. She taught middle school math and science for 5 years.

Before Ms. Williams started teaching, she spent two years in college and studied business.

“There’s no connection with people, yes I was being productive but not as productive as I am being a teacher,” Ms. Williams said.

She received her Master’s degree in education from NIU.

Ms. Williams taught middle school math and science for 5 years. She is currently tutors students for CPS’s selective enrollment test.

Ms. Williams prefers working with kids.

“Working with kids keeps you honest, when kids don’t like you that’s their true sign of who you really are, they can tell real fast if somethings wrong with you. You can fool a lot of people but you can’t fool a child,” she said.

That’s why she thinks working with kids is better for her than the business life, it’s more productive and because the kids will tell you what you need to hear even if you don’t want to hear it, they will keep it real with you and hopefully you will become a better person.

Other than teaching, Ms. Williams watches political documents. She goes to museums for fun and listens to talk radio while in the car. She loves all genres of music, including folk.

Some fun facts about Ms. Williams are that she doesn’t like rollercoasters, she is extremely afraid of everything that crawls – expect babies – and she considered being an Alderman because she is truly intrigued by the political process.