Homecoming 2016 pays homage to the 90s

Theme centers around fact that this year’s seniors will be last graduates from the old millenium

Kiara Jefferson, Staff writer

Homecoming is a tradition, the one night where you can reunite with old friends, enjoy parades and make new memories together.

It’s all about living in the moment, having fun with classmates, enjoying one another and experiencing new memories. Every year, staff and classmates gather together and plan a unique event every year. It’s all about expanding your mindset to give everyone the one special night everyone enjoys.

For St. Joseph High School, our homecoming week was the week of Sept. 26, culminating with our football game on Sept. 30 and our dance on Oct. 1.

“My experience at my last homecoming was something of interest,” said Kelvin Soyemi. “Seeing most of my friends and fellow classmates from freshman or new transfers that came along within the years was always fun. We didn’t always get along but it was events like this that brought everyone together so I truly enjoyed. Dancing with everyone from friends, random people to even with teachers was fun and it’s something I would love to experience again.”

It’s always nice to sit back and let the moment take you.

“It’s an experience to remember,” said former Charger Khristian Alvarez. “Turning up with good music. And dancing with classmates.”

It’s moments like this that brings everyone together and experience a tradition that’s been going on for years.

High school students have the opportunity to experience this event for four years, but their last homecoming, is truly a moment to remember, at this moment, you can look back to and say this is a moment that truly mattered. A moment that holds a part of your youth.

“Well since I’m a senior it’s a bit sad because it’s my last,” said senior Yoenia Dorado. “It brings back a lot of memories leading back to freshman year, and it’s amazing how fast time flies, and see how people changed.”