New dress code brings uniformity to St. Joseph

Mr. Sinacores 7th period models the new male dress code.

Mr. Sinacore’s 7th period models the new male dress code.

Sarah Labellarte, Staff writer

Big changes are happening at St. Joseph High School for the 2016 – 2017 school year. The traditional uniforms, that created a fine line between male and female, have been upgraded to a more unisex and easier style. Girls will no longer be able to wear skirts, and the boys will no longer have to worry about learning how to knot a tie.

“It’s more universal, and there are not as many parts to it,” said Ms. Pool, and English teacher at St. Joseph.

There have been many mixed emotions about this change among the student body. Most of the girls wore skirts, and from this they became more accustomed to it. However, with the skirts becoming shorter each year the faculty and staff of St. Joes’ decided to veto the idea entirely.

“I think this was the right thing to do on the school’s part. As a girl, I saw the skirts getting shorter with each passing day,” said Tia Garth, a junior at St. Joseph.

As for the boys, the tie and white shirt were harder to abide by. There were often dress code violations, which was very unfair.

“Personally, I like the uniforms. They are way more comfortable than the shirt and tie,” said Dakota Church, also a junior.

With the change of culture, the Arch Diocese was actually the one that reached out to St. Joseph to make the change.

“This change is definitely permanent. It is here to stay,” said Mrs. Ieremia, Dean of students at St. Joseph.

In the coming years, St. Joseph High School hopes to create a comfortable and fair environment for both the students and staff.