New Religion teacher much traveled, ready to settle

Mr. Johnson has seen the world, but ready to call St. Joseph home

Leah Matthews, Staff writer

Mr. Johnson is a new teacher at St. Joseph High School, teaching religion in the 400 hallway. He studied religion in college and decided to be a teacher three years ago.

“I didn’t study education in college I studied religion,” says Mr. Johnson.

Mr. Johnson got his undergraduate degree – a Bachelor’s degree – in Religion from Davidson College in North Carolina. He also has his Master’s degree in Theology and Education from Loyola University of Chicago.

Mr. Johnson is from North Carolina, grew up Virginia and moved to Costa Rica. He then moved to Honduras, back to North Carolina, back to Honduras, to Alas Vendor, and then went to college in North Carolina.

He is a married man who has been married for three years, meeting her seven years ago, moving to Chicago so his wife can be closer to her family.

Now he stays here in Chicago with her.

“Sometimes I liked moving a lot. As a kid it was hard for me to leave home but then I got used to it,” says Mr. Johnson.

Mr. Johnson is a very creative man. In the classroom, he teaches students other than religion sometimes, he teaches students about what is happening out in the world we don’t know about and what we need to know.

Sometimes, when we read The Bible, he takes us really deep into the stories in The Bible and think about your own opinion and what do you have to say about it or what do you feel when you read this. Mr. Johnson is an artistic person.