The Return of the Jedi


Mr. Jedrey is back at St. Joseph as a history teacher in the 200 hallway.

St. Joseph High School has recently had a major change in faculty this new 2016 school year. With so many teachers leaving, there have been multiple positions that needed to be filled and with that being said, many new teachers were employed and even some teachers that worked here before were asked to make a return.

One of them is a history teacher named Mr. Jedrey who was very missed by the Charger family.

Mr. Jedrey has been working in the field of education for around nine years and this will be his sixth year teaching at St. Joe’s. When asked to return, Mr. Jedrey was more than happy to comeback and teach. His relationship with the staff as well as with the students made it an easy choice for him.

“I always liked teaching here,” said Mr. Jedrey “There has always been a very great bond among the teachers who work here. A lot of them I consider more than colleagues, I consider them friends. I also always liked teaching the students and being able to be in a classroom and educate as well help my students.”

Mr. Jedrey is eager to get back in the swing of thing and invoke his philosophy of teaching to his students so they can apply themselves and set themselves for future success. He believes that having the desire to learn and better oneself is the most important thing an individual can do next to working hard. Having an ambition and dedication is something that Mr. Jedrey tries to spark in his students and his dedication to educate his students is something every student deserves no matter what.

“That’s the thing about teaching, it is not about big impactful movie like moments. It’s a series of small moments whether it’s a student finally understanding something, a Kairos retreat, or even an athletic event that you see someone exceed in,” Mr. Jedrey said. “It’s the series of small events that alter into big events and make the learning experience something truly remarkable.”

St. Joe’s is very happy to have you back Mr. Jedrey, and we can’t wait to see what this school year has to offer. Your presence was very much missed.