Hit me baby, one more time…

90s-themed homecoming a hit for all involved

A decoration from the 100 hallway that highlighted movies from the 1990s.

A decoration from the 100 hallway that highlighted movies from the 1990s.

Sarah Labellarte, Staff writer

This year, St. Joseph High School held a 90’s themed homecoming for its students. The inspiration for that theme came from the fact that this year’s seniors will be the last of the 90’s babies. A successful homecoming week, held by student council, led to an even more success in the homecoming game.

After defeating DePaul Prep on Friday night, the students were pumped up for the homecoming dance. To say the least, this year was not a disappointment.

“My first homecoming was definitely one I will never forget, and I am grateful for all the hard work that was put into it,” said Olivia Checchi.

Student council worked long, hard hours to put on the perfect homecoming week/dance for St. Joseph High School. Led by Ms. Kalal, the students set up a week of fun. All their hard work was shown, and appreciated, at the pep rally. They managed to bring the whole school together as a family to celebrate the upcoming festivity filled weekend.

The homecoming dance went off without a hitch and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.

“The DJ this year was way better than last year, and that’s probably why everyone enjoyed it a whole lot more than last year,” said Francisco Ponce, a junior.

All in all, St Joseph Homecoming Dance was fun for all ages. We all came together to celebrate our football teams win and our high school as a whole. This year will definitely set the standard for years to come.