Hitting your groove with the Chargerettes

Next generation of Chargerettes invited to come and try out

Leah Matthews, Staff writer

At St. Joseph High School, the dance team has more moves to come. They bring the most energy to the crowd without saying any words. The coach of this team is Cree Thurmond, who spends most of her time here at St. Joseph coaching these girl to become better dancers. She has been coaching for three years and going on four. Cree would be coaching thirteen girls.

The Chargerettes will be hosting a dance clinic. Boys and girls of any age are able to dance with the Chargerettes, and the cost will be twenty dollars per child.

The children will be paired up with one of the Chargerettes to learn a dance that they will perform at a halftime game

This year the girls are taking things seriously because they are competing. They have been training and conditioning to prepare themselves. When you’re getting ready for competition you will have to make everything pop out. You have to be the team that stands out the most.

The dance team has not been in competition in a while. Coach Cree believes that this team is very different and they have a chance to win this competition. So come and support your very own Chargerettes on January, 7, 2017. They would love to have fans come and support them.