Seniors…are you ready?

With college right around the corner, how prepared are seniors for that next step in their lives

Genna Foster, Staff writer

High school is a time for students to learn, make life-long friends, and also prepare for the rest of their lives. Senior year is when it gets serious; you begin to fill out college applications, scholarships, and receive admittance letters. That is when it all sinks in.

Senior year starts in mid-August, but before you know it, it will be early May and you will be walking to receive your diploma and that will be the end of your high school career.

“My senior year has gone by very fast so far and its starting to hit me that high school is almost over. It’s going to hurt to see everyone split and go their separate ways,” said Joe Rodriguez, a senior at St. Joseph High School. “I am excited for many things this year, but am most looking forward to my final year of high school volleyball because I want to have one last hoorah with my boys.”

For some senior year can be the most stressful times. As a senior, it is hard because you are anxious about college, figuring out what you want to do with the next four years of your life and how you will survive without your parents’ assistance.

“In a sense, I am prepared for college and to be on my own, but then I remember, I still don’t even know how to pay bills or even ‘adult’,” said Nikki Garcia, a senior at St. Joseph High School.

For other seniors, they couldn’t be more ready for college and this next step in their journey. Instead of being anxious, they feel more excited and enthusiastic about the whole idea of college. These individuals are ready for the freedom and responsibility of being independent and not relying on anyone else.

“I am beyond ready for college because it’s a new phase in my life and it will open me up to new opportunities. I am prepared to be independent once I graduate, and don’t think it will be much harder than it is now, because I believe I am responsible and would be fine on my own,” said senior at St. Joseph High School Diego Rios.

Whether you are the student who is excited for their last high school athletic season, the student who is afraid of having to ‘adult’, or the student who couldn’t be more pumped for college, it is important to enjoy and soak in everything you can from your senior year. In the end, you only have one senior year in high school so live it up and make as many unforgettable memories as you can, but don’t get lost in having too much fun that you forget about preparing for the next four years of your life!