Food Drive collects over 1,000 items

Ray Lockhart, Staff writer

The annual St. Joseph food drive was very fruitful this year like earlier years. The food drive was organized by the Student Council who is led by teacher and coach Kristin Kalal and student president Genna Foster.

The food drive went for three weeks. Students were reminded ever day to bring anything they can in even if it wasn’t their homerooms item. 

“It doesn’t matter if the item wasn’t their homerooms item because it isn’t about who has the most or gets credit it’s about people that don’t have much getting a meal for the holidays” said Alexa Epps.

The food was broken down by home room. Each homeroom had to bring in one type of item example is marshmallows. The class room that brought in the most was Mr.Zitzer’s with 63 cans of vegetables. This year’s food drive collected over 100 food items. 

St.Joseph doesn’t only do the food drive, though.

“We at St. Joseph high school believe in helping people that are less fortunate so we donate to more than one cause,” said Genna Foster

The food drive is one of the causes St.Joes helps. Other causes they donate to are Goodwill and adopt-a-kid. St.Joe’s also collects donations every Wednesday for its sister school in Africa so kids their can have a safe place to get an education.