Familiar face returns to classroom to teach where he once learned

Tessa Martyn, Staff writer

A familiar face is back to take on a new role at St. Joseph High School. DeAndre McCamey, an alum (2010) of St. Joseph, has taken on the new role of math teacher in place of Kyle Boekeloo.

This is his first year as a full-time teacher at St. Joseph. He grew up in Chicago but moved as a kid to the western suburbs where he has spent the majority of his life.

He recently worked at Glenbard East working as a special education teacher and has been a substitute teacher in and out of St. Joe’s multiple times. Being a special education teacher was “a great experience.” He got to help kids succeed and that was his favorite part about his job. He graduated with a degree from Southern Indiana University in kinesiology and is working on getting his Master’s degree in secondary education in December of next year.

He decided to change up his career path and become a math teacher because he “was always good in math throughout high school and college.” and he “ really liked the subject.”

He became a teacher because he “wanted to help students achieve their goals and dreams that they didn’t think they could possibly achieve and he says that’s the best part of his job.”

The best advice he has been given and has given others is to “be yourself and be confident in what you do and your interests and don’t be afraid to ask questions.” Not only has those statements made him who is he today but it has also allowed his students to be comfortable in and outside the classroom and helps them express themselves.


Before working as a teacher, he worked at Nike right out of college and he still coaches basketball. He is a big sports fan so coaching basketball only comes natural to him. Being a student and now a teacher at St. Joe’s, he couldn’t be more happy with the faculty and the student body.

“St. Joe’s is the best school in the world and the students are all great kids,” Mr. McCamey said.

Mr. McCamey is a good fit for St. Joseph High School and is definitely welcomed throughout the St. Joe’s community. As most of us say… St. Joe’s is family and Mr. McCamey is a part of it.