First-year Charger brings years of experience with him to 300 hallway

Marissa Arreola, Staff writer

Michael Fernandez is one among the new group of faculty starting their first year with the St. Joseph community this school year. His experience in teaching is already evident in the way he is able to connect with his students.

Fernandez teaches six classes a day. He teaches pre-algebra and algebra to the freshman and sophomores, as well as an advanced math class to a portion of the seniors. He makes his goals clear to his students and works hard each day to build towards them.

“I want my students to be able to look at an outline for a chapter and be able to make their own choices on what will bring them the most success,” Fernandez says.

Fernandez may not be new to education, but he is new to smaller schools. St.  Joseph was his first choice when choosing to move to a private school. Having taught 11 years at Morton East High School, 2 years at Batavia High School, and 13 years at Romeoville High School, Fernandez has 26 years of teaching experience under his belt.

“I was excited about the idea of a smaller school,” Fernandez says.

Like many our students, Fernandez is from the suburbs and grew up in Brookfield. He studied at Indiana Ball State University and received his master’s degree in teaching administration at Concordia University.

There’s no doubt the students have welcomed Fernandez into their midst. Hopefully his relationship with the St. Joseph community is one that will stay for many years to come.