Harry Potter alive and well in the halls at St. Joseph

Carmelo Zambole, Staff writer

St. Joseph High School has a book worm side.

Here in the hallways of St. Joseph, you will find the Harry Potter houses. Yes, we got your Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Mr.Zitzer is the house sorter of St.Joe’s and he loves his job.

The houses are for seniors only.

The houses sound fun to join. The house you join is decided by a hat. Yes, a hat that you must not question.

“It’s enjoyable,” said Mr. Zitzer, who is the house sorter and leader of Hufflepuff. He loves doing his job and sorter seniors to their future house for their last year at St. Joe’s.

“It’s always Slytherin,” said Mr. Jedrey, who is the leader of Slytherin. As he says that the leader of Slytherin is the true hero if you read the Harry Potter books enough.

Mrs. Muchowicz the leader of Nevermore. She likes Nevermore because she says she has special and elite students.

Mr. Lane the leader of Gryffindor is respected by his students in the house. This goes for all the house leaders. Their underlings respect them a lot.

All of them respect the hats and think it’s fair. No one goes agents its choice.