Students at St. Joseph have a new way to beat the stress

Tessa Martyn, Staff writer

Let’s get down dog!

Yoga club is run by Ms. Nicole Muchowicz and takes place in room 207, every Monday from 2:45 to 3:15 throughout the school year. Yoga club was originally founded by our former art teacher, Ms. Stephanie Kuecker who Ms. Muchowicz took over for. Ms. Muchowicz has had the ability to make the yoga room, a safe and welcoming place where students and teachers can reflect, relax, and practice Zen beliefs through simplicity and positivity.

Yoga is an ancient practice based off the alignment of the body, mind, and spirit. However, it is neither just an exercise nor a religion that you must practice. There is a very specific balance in yoga that helps anyone of any belief system.

Ms. Muchowicz started practicing the art of yoga at a young age when her mom would teach a class.  Ms. Muchowicz stated that “initially she went to yoga classes to be near her mom” but started to eventually pursue yoga as a lifestyle. Yoga has helped and impacted her health in a positive way- physically, spiritually, and mentally.

“Being able to be comfortable and calm in my own body is a gift that I would like my students to experience,” said Ms. Muchowicz. “By doing this students and others will be able to address the emotional aspects of their lives.”

She hopes that through the practice of yoga within St. Joe’s facility that it will spread the philosophy of respecting and tending to both yourself and others in the kindest way. She would love to expand yoga club by integrating other yoga techniques, yoga videos, and philosophy into the practice of yoga throughout the club.

In the near future, she plans on promoting wellness through yoga by making t-shirts, having bake sales, and even providing yoga for retreats, school events or service outreach programs throughout the school.

Ms.Muchowicz’s favorite yoga phrase is “Namaste” which means “ the light within me acknowledges and honors the light within you.” So, with that being said go and NAMASTE the world with positivity, kindness, and peace.