The “Greatest Homecoming on Earth” a huge success

Trenton Mason, Correspondent

Homecoming, an event most high school students look for at the start of a new school year. It usually starts with a week dedicated to the event and the dance is usually the conclusion to an action filled week dedicated to bringing everyone together and having fun.

This year, on September 9, St Joseph celebrated its homecoming dance, with the theme being circus this year. The day before homecoming was the annual homecoming football game, in which the Chargers pounded out a 29-0 win against Catalyst Maria.

The dance itself is designed to bring us all (students and staff) together to have a fun night. But, each year the theme changes up as well as the homecoming court. This years’ homecoming court

“The dance was okay this year, it wasn’t the best because I mean everybody was just standing around in their own groups,” said junior Jalen Love. “Last year everybody was in a huge group jumping around in the middle of the gym. It was so crazy that the dean had to tell us to chill or we would all get kicked out early. But, this year it was fun, just like last year because won the homecoming game and that was one of the best football teams.”

Many students were filled the gym to celebrate not only the victory the day prior to the dance but also to come together, have a good time and converse with each other. The circus theme was thought to be a bust at first according to many students, who were contemplating going to the dance such as myself. But once everyone got to the dance it was a different story, everyone danced, and had a good time and even went out after the homecoming dance in groups.

There are many more homecoming dances to come at St Joe’s, but there is only a limited amount that everyone can go to during their years in school. So it is best that we go to these dances and cherish moments like this, in which we do, because in a couple years we all will be heading on our own paths in the world, and might only see our classmates at class reunions.

Most think homecoming and other school dances and functions may be boring and all, but in all reality these moments bring us together and create bonds. Such when the football goes to state everyone can reminisce to the homecoming game and even the dance after the game, where everyone partied to the success of the team on homecoming night, and then later on after the team goes to state, they can party again for going to state. Last year was the best football season in St Joseph football’s history, and this year’s team looks as if they are going to keep that train rolling. So we, the juniors of 2018 and everyone else are looking for more homecoming victories so we can go out the next night and have a good time dancing with everyone and just being teenagers.