With each passing year, all seniors can agree on one thing – Kairos is a hit!

Marissa Arreola, Staff writer

You could ask the seniors, you could ask the alumni, and they would all agree on one thing – Kairos is not experience you want to miss out on.

Here at St. Joseph, we are a Lasallian community. Our students participate in faith based retreats their freshman, sophomore, and junior year. Their senior year, Kairos is their last retreat. Because of the 3 days and 4 nights, expenses add up, therefore it’s an optional retreat.

Freshman and sophomore year, students visit the Lasallian Manor in Plano, Illinois for the majority of their school day. Their junior year, students are separated by gender and spend the night with their peers.

They are guided by their teachers and none other than, David Hotek, Director of Campus Ministry. Our staff and faculty go above and beyond to make sure St. Joseph students are not only well-rounded students, but well-rounded people.

Throughout these retreats, students have the opportunity to grow and learn more about themselves and their peers. The hope is that they are also brought closer to their faith and the Lasallian morals.

“The Kairos retreat is an experience of prayer and personal growth which takes place in a loving community living in God’s time.  Its purpose is to lead one to a decision, a conversion, and a desire to make a change in one’s life and one’s world by serving others,” said Mr. Hotek.

This year, due to the size of the graduating senior class, there will be two Kairos retreats. The first one was just completed this fall and it was the 43rd Kairos we’ve had in St. Joseph history. We number them in an effort to keep the tradition going for many years to come.

The second retreat will take place the first week of March in 2018. The students participating in this Kairos will be a part of Kairos 44.

Kairos comes down to a fee of an even $250. However, you can bet that many of our candidates will agree, it’s money well spent.

Mr. Hotek’s joke is to promise anyone hesitant about signing up that he will refund their payment in full if they return completely unsatisfied with their retreat.

“I have never had anyone tell me that they regretting making a Kairos retreat.  They have always been very positive about their retreat experience,” Mr. Hotek adds.

Kairos is different in the way that is heavily student led and orientated. Our student leaders this year were Mariya Mendoza, Marissa Arreola, Sebatian Davalos and Fillipo Billito. Our adult leaders were James Johnson, Diane Palumbo, Matthew Jedrey, Vic Zitzer, and David Hotek.

Kaiors, like our other retreats, is deeply imbedded in the personality that is St. Joseph High School. Its purpose and its presence lives in the hearts of all of our graduates and continues to carry out our legacy.