Business First – New St. Joseph teacher brings real world experience to classroom

Business First - New St. Joseph teacher brings real world experience to classroom

What began as a career in accounting blossomed into serving as a corporate vice-president and controller for a major healthcare organization. Throughout his thirty-four year journey in the corporate world, Mr. Sebastian Bufalino, SJHS business instructor, experienced a variety of business-related opportunities.

During his first ten years as an employee of Coopers & Lybrand, now PwC, Mr. Bufalino served as an audit manager as well as the accounting manager for two years in the firm’s Milan, Italy, audit practice.

In later corporate work, Mr. Bufalino would succeed in roles for Searle Pharmaceutical, a division of Monsanto; Vice-President of Global Medication Delivery Finance; Vice-President of Corporate Audit and, most recently, Corporate Vice-President and Controller for Baxter Healthcare, where he coordinated SEC required financial statement filings as well as managing two shared service centers with over 300 employees responsible for processing global transactions.

With a BBA in Accounting from the University of Notre Dame, with CPA certification, followed by an MBA in Finance and International Business from the University of Chicago, what led Mr. Bufalino to procure a professional educator’s license?

“Several years ago, I began thinking about a second career, and teaching came to mind fairly quickly,” he responded. “I always loved history and having a background in business I looked forward to taking the opportunity to teach both subject areas at St. Joseph High School.”

Mr. Bufalino is currently finishing his MAT through National Louis University.

“It’s very different,” he continued. “While the corporate world is relatively fast-paced, in education there is a need to be less rushed, more reflective on the process of learning and, therefore, teaching.”

While Mr. Bufalino enjoys his second career, he relished the opportunities in which he participated in the corporate world.

“I really enjoyed the multi-national projects and traveling around the world. I took advantage of the chance to learn about the companies I worked for and to apply the skills I had. It was fun.”

Fun and success might be appropriate terms to describe how Westchester seniors Zack Ford and Rron Baraku are finding the accounting course thus far.

“I find it relatively easy,” said Zack. “It’s very straightforward and the math makes more sense than some of the other math classes.”

“It’s very logical and step-oriented,” added Rron Baraku. “The math part is easy.”

Mr. Bufalino, who currently teaches Accounting, Business Law, Economics and World Cultures, will be visiting his previous firm, Baxter Healthcare, in November, where he will take his Accounting students to give them a first-hand look at a corporate business enterprise in action.