Final Exams are coming, and so is the accompanying stress

Bella Fuentes, Staff writer

With the first semester of the year almost over, students are getting excited for their Winter Break away from St. Joseph. However, they have one last challenge to face before their freedom – final exams! We have one week left for students to study up and hopefully pass their classes.

Seniors are getting anxious, as this will be one of their last semesters before they go off to college, and they’re nervous about their final grades.

Senior Sarah Labellarte talks about her struggles with cracking open her notebooks and digging out old worksheets from months ago.

“I’m nervous and I don’t know what to expect. I’m also excited because I get to go downtown to see the (infamous) tree and go ice-skating. I want to also spend time with my family and hang out with friends” she said.

Meanwhile, sophomore Nick Fuentes worries about how he will do in the upcoming few weeks, as do a lot of other underclassmen.

“I’m just happy that Christmas Break is almost here because I’m exhausted from all of my classes. I think I’ll do okay on my exams, but I’ll be stressed out from all this studying,” he stated.

Overall, it’s safe to say all grades just want the first semester to end, along with teachers, who need a break from dealing with these antsy kids. These next few weeks, students can look forward to filling up all their study guides with information from the first two quarters.

Let’s hope that students will do their best on these exams and that they will get to relax and enjoy their holiday break.