Students looking forward to Christmas break to recharge their batteries

Phoebe Unzueta, Staff writer

It’s that wonderful time of the year where students are stressed out about studying and drinking endless amounts of caffeine in preparation for finals, but they know that there is a light of the end of the tunnel waiting for them. That glorious light waiting for them? Winter break.

No matter which grade someone is in, they look forward to magnificent time when they can take a break from all the stress amounts during the first couple weeks of December. They do not have to worry about what seems to be endless amounts of homework, notetaking, and reading. During this time students take the opportunity do absolutely nothing.

For two and a half weeks there is no longer a requirement to wake up a certain time or even change out of your pajamas. This is strictly just a time to relax and do whatever your heart may desire.

Mya Seaton, a junior, explained it best, “I don’t have to doing anything so I’m going to sleep and maybe read. Besides that I’m going to do absolutely nothing,” she said.

Sleep seems to be the common factor between many students’ plans for Winter Break. Although this is very understandable with eight to ten hours of sleep being recommended for teenagers. Yet many students do not seem to get the recommended amount of rest, especially during final time.

Senior Delilah Anderson said, “During the school year I don’t usually get a lot of sleep during the week. So right after finals the first thing I’m doing is going back to bed,” she remarked.

Meanwhile fellow student Lucas Frazee commented, “I’m going to sleep a lot and watch a ton of video gaming video on the internet. I just want to relax and have fun,” he expressed.

The two and a half week break after finals is a great way for students and teachers to unwind from the stress of the past semester and start with a clean slate. They are able to come back destressed and eager to learn, although students are not quite as focused on the latter currently. While they travel down the dark and stressful tunnel of finals they will always have winter break to look forward to.