New AD, PE teacher brings youth, experience to position

Julian Maldonado, Staff writer

It seems that teachers here at St. Joseph have either been here for many years or just have just begun their teaching careers. One new teacher is the Chargers new P.E. teacher and Athletic Director, Mr. Vicente Pena.

One question that was asked was “How long have you been teaching” and this question was an easy one.

“This is actually my first year being a teacher,” Pena said.

Many of these questions were easily answered, only because this is his first teaching job. There are many different subject areas in which to teach, but Pena had another easy answer as to why he chose Physical Education.

“I grew up loving sports, physical activities, and fitness,” he said. “When I was in my early twenties my younger cousin joined her 5th grade basketball team.  They needed a coach, so I stepped up and really enjoyed sharing my love for sports with kids.”

A background in Education is always a key to becoming a good teacher.

“I have an Associates in Science from Elgin Community College (E.C.C.).  I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s in education,” Pena said.

The last questions asked were about his life and his hobbies and he shared that he grew up in Elgin all his life and that soon he’ll be moving, and what he likes doing also is working out to become fit and work out to stay in shape for being a gym teacher and for his wellbeing.

“Hard times builds character,” Pena said, “because hard times reveals character.”

This quote was the best advice Mr. Pena had received when he had left high school.