Health class volunteers for a day


Miguel Flojo, Staff writer

Mrs. Kalal, who is the dean of students and the health teacher for St. Joseph, took her health class on a field trip to Feed My Starving Children, which is a non-profit organization where people can donate their time to help package food for kids who can’t get food in more than 70 countries.


At Feed My Starving Children, you wear a hair net and gloves. There are five jobs, one where you put the food in a bag, next you weigh the bag to see if it has the right amount, then you zip it closed with a machine, next you give it to the guy organizing all the bags, and when they have enough the boxing people come to take it.

It takes about three hours until you finish up. It is a great experience and you get to help kids all around the world.


Jose Garcia, who was one of the students on the trip, said, “Packaging the food was the best part. It felt great to feed the kids.”


Luis Estrella, who was another student who went on the trip said, “Helping the children was the best part for me. My experience was good, and the place had a nice atmosphere.”


Anthony Gonzales, another student who went on the trip, said, “Giving food was fun. My experience felt pretty good.”


The feed my starving community so helpful and caring towards the people who come in to help them with service.

They show you how to do it and help you if you need help. Feed My Starving Children is also fun to do with friends and family, and everyone should help out there at least once.