Meet Mr. Rosa

Eduardo Manzarrez, Staff writer

Of the many new teachers at St. Joseph High School this year, one of them is Giovanni Llinas Rosa.


At the beginning of college, Mr. Rosa was planning on becoming a mechanical engineer. But a certain situation happened in his volleyball career in college.


“So I got injured my senior year,” Mr. Rosa said. “I was going to play professional but then I just decided to just stay in school. So I applied for a graduate degree in physics at Lewis University.”


Mr. Rosa then continued on to say that he didn’t feel like he was doing the right thing, which was something he wasn’t passionate about.


During that time, he was coaching a club team. He then stated that he reflected on his experience as a coach for a club team dealing with young children. He liked the interaction he had with children and that’s when it hit him. How would a career in education turn out for him?


“So I talked to some of my advisors and they told me you should definitely pursue a career in education. that’s when started going for my education Master’s degree,” Mr. Rosa said.  “After my first real experience teaching in a class in practice I definitely found out that I am super passionate about teaching. That’s why I’m still pursuing a career in teaching”


Mr. Rosa also stated that he wanted to pursue a career in finance, but that as of right now teaching is definitely something he wants to do. His end goal is to teach at a college



For him the best thing about being a teacher is that you get to meet many different people throughout your career.


“Every single person is different, every different group and I don’t think it’s a monotone career because you get to change stuff throughout your career like the daily routine,” he said. “So everything is going to be something new. It’s never going to be boring or monotone.”


In his free time, Mr. Rosa works out a lot and hangs out with friends. He also loves to travel a lot as well, but the main thing he does is playing volleyball.


Currently he is still going for his graduate degree at Lewis university.