Seasoned Veteran now calls St. Joseph home

Grace Rostello, Staff writer

As the new year of 2019-2020 school year begins there has been a lot of new things happening and new teachers. One of the new teachers is Lassandra Walker, who is teaching biology to the students. For these new teachers coming into the school year there is new things to understand about them.

“I have been teaching for eight years in schools and have had four jobs at the high school level,” said Walker

Walker has a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science, Master of Science in Applied Physiology, Master of Public Health-Occupational and Environmental Health Science. In Walker’s spare time she attends art exhibits, visit museums, spend time with family and friends.

A thing that walker would like the students and community to know about herself is that education is paramount for all young people. One saying she goes by is “To achieve greatness and success requires commitment and dedication.”

Walker plays golf and basketball recreationally.