New teacher doing a little bit of everything at St. Joe’s

Monse Cepeda, Staff writer

Of the many new teachers at St. Joseph High School for the 2019-2020 school year, one of them is Mrs. Debra Perez, an Illinois native who moved to Texas as a kid only to return home after graduating high school.

She graduated from Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in art in History and minor in Political Science.

Mrs. Perez is our new U.S. history, Government/Civics, Spanish 101, Psychology, and Sociology teacher (as well as the sophomore girl homeroom teacher). On top of this being her first year at St. Joseph, it is also her first year of teaching overall.

“This is my first year of teaching, however I have worked in the academic field for about 4 years,” Mrs. Perez said.

In Mrs. Perez’s last career, she worked as an Admissions and Academic Advisor.

Like any other teacher Mrs. Perez has a family of her own and has hobbies that she likes to do outside of school.

“I like to read, travel, shop, and spend time with my family,” she added.

Mrs. Perez has been enjoying St. Joes so far and says that the students are “wonderful and my co-workers are great.”