Chargers welcome back Mr. Miller

Angel-Michelle Guajardo, Staff writer

Returning to St. Joseph High School this year is a familiar face.


Mr. David Miller, who taught here at St. Joseph as recently as five years ago, returned to the school this year to teach Pre-Calculus and Digital Citizenship. Mr. Miller has been working for 10 years as a teacher in the telecommunications industry.  


“I did enjoy working, I said that I worked in the telecommunications industry related to computers, I did enjoy that. The main reason I left that, besides always wanted to try teaching, was that the company I was working with before was having regular layoffs for several years in a row and it got to the point where it’s like, am I going to lose my job one day?” Mr. Miller said.


Mr. Miller was very worried about his old job, thinking to himself that he was going to get fired. He loved doing what he was doing but he found it as an opportunity to finally do what he loved to do, teach.  


“I’ve always enjoyed teaching and actually I did teach classes to adults while I was working,” he said. “So, they were computer classes and that was a nice situation. But I always did feel like I wanted to be a high school teacher.” 


Some would think that he is crazy for wanting to teach high school students. For they are children who aren’t always showing that they are ready for the real world. But will say that he can handle those types of students and that he has learned their types of personalities.  


“Different classes have different personalities and you have to learn how to cope with them,” Mr. Miller said. 


Miller was, and still is, a quiet person. Coming from a family of three, and being the middle child, he seemed to always be in the middle not wanting to pick sides and such. Before becoming a teacher, he was visiting quite a lot of places but he’s most favorite one would have to be Hawaii. Having been there three times most would say that Hawaii is his favorite place to visit.  


“I was the quietstudious one when I was young… Hawaii is a really nice place, so if I had a chance to go back there again I would,” he said.


Now, he may say that he doesn’t have the right advice for those students that he has. But overthinking it again, he realized that there is something that a student will never forget and keep reminding themselves repeatedly 


“The advice that I would say is just because you’re graduating from high school, a lot of are going to college… however long you’re in school and once you get out and get a job, you don’t stop learning. So always be aware that you’re always going to be learning, don’t ever stop learning,” he said.


He’s the type of teacher that you don’t want to take for granted and he’s always the type of teacher to care for you. Follow his advice on how the world works and never stop learning.