Latest Fundraiser incorporating NFL games

Eduardo Manzanarez, Staff writer

If you’ve checked your mail recently you may have seen some sweepstakes tickets inside an envelope. No you didn’t win anything, but if you sell them you might win something yourself.


So the question is how do I sell them? What am I selling? Well, lucky for you Mr. Q is here to answer your questions.


At all started in the parents club where Mr. Q asked them if they would like to participate in the sweepstakes giveaway. Mr. Q explains what’s in it for the parents and their children’s tuition.


“ Basically what it means is you’ve got your tuition that you have to pay for,” he said. “But in this case by having a mandatory fundraiser we are giving parents the option of selling these tickets to kind of reduce the tuition by $100.

“So if parents don’t want to participate they can just pay the $100 or if they would like to they can sell these tickets for $100 and then pay the school the $100, this way there not paying the extra $100 but they are having other people purchase the sweepstakes.”


Each family was given 5 tickets to sell to anyone, whether it be friends, family, or whoever. Each ticket is $20 dollars so they all add up to $100. With the purchase of every ticket you are given three teams each week, the teams are chosen at random for the last 10 weeks of the NFL season.


Winners will be determined off of how many points each team scores every week based off what teams are listed on each individual tickets.


So to actually sell the tickets, you the seller must have the buyer fill out the stub where it ask for information. After that you give the buyer the ticket and you keep the stub to turn in to the school. Once the deadline has reached – which is October the 18th – the stubs are turned into FundCrazr who is co-hosting this sweepstakes.


FundCrazr will keep track of all the scores and every week if a ticket purchaser how they are doing in the sweepstakes, they can go on the FundCrazr website.

For those familiar with last year’s NCAA raffle tickets, this promotion is run through the same company with the same way of checking weekly scores and standings.


Mr. Q talks about the process on how things work with this sweepstakes.


“They can go on the website and there is a code on the ticket that they purchased, there they can see everyone’s standings,” Mr. Q said. “We are giving away six prizes away each week. The prizes are based upon who has the top score which is the total points that your three teams for that week scored.”



So If I were you I’d start selling these tickets. If the tuition part hasn’t convinced you then this will. The people to sell all their tickets might get a prize of their own but nothing has been said yet about what the prize may be, so stay tuned and sell those tickets.