New English Teacher fitting right in after mid-quarter transition

Grace Rostello, Staff writer

A new face is teaching this year at St. Joseph High School. He is one of many new teacher and staff working here for the school year.  Mr. Ray Hodorowicz began midway through the first quarter and is currently teaching English for the Freshmen and Sophomores.

“The drive looks long (from where I’m coming) but yeah you know it looked like a nice school, so It was great to be a teacher here,” Mr.  Hodorowicz said when asked about his first opinion on St. Joseph.

He has been teaching for three years and has a lot of good things to say on getting to teach English. He also done his student teaching at a private school and before coming here to teach, Hodorowicz has had other jobs at schools such as St. Francis de sales on the East Side of Chicago that he was at a period before beginning at St. Joe’s.

“Oh yeah I love English, I like books, I like reading I like writing and I love stories, so I feel like English is just like a bunch of stories, so I think that’s super cool,” said Mr. Hodorowicz.

On off times that he gets he likes playing golf or softball or even shooting hoops, watching sports and playing board games, too, with his friends. He graduated from Illinois State University in Bloomington-Normal.

When wanting to teach he wanted to teach high schoolers because he likes it so far. When he was in high school, classes that he loved were English, history and geometry.

“Ah yes small classrooms are definitely better always,” he said. “I mean last year I’ve had one class with like 10 in it and it was awesome.”

Mr. Hodorowicz is thrilled to get a chance to teach here for the 60th anniversary and getting to know the students more as he teaches here.