New Science teacher fitting right in

Eduardo Manzanarez, Staff writer

One of the newest teachers to join the St. Joseph staff is Mr. Spang.  After the departure of Mr. Rosa at the end of the first quarter, Mr. Spang was hired to take the place of Mr. Rosa as the Physics and Algebra teacher.


Mr. Spang spoke about why he wanted to become a teacher. He said that he has been teaching his own kids for the past several years. He also really likes to discuss how to figure things out with his kids and teach them how to figure stuff out.


For Mr. Spang, he sees teaching as a fun thing to do. It sounds surprising to hear that from a teacher let alone a high school teacher.


“It’s just a really fun thing to do, to help kids learn how to figure stuff out and solve problems,” Mr. Spang said.


Mr. Spang went on to say that he’s been homeschooling his kids for about 10 years. After homeschooling his kids, Mr. Spang wanted to become an official teacher.


“I really enjoy science and math and discussing how things work,” he said. “I enjoy teaching and I’ve been coaching kids for awhile so teaching seemed like a logical thing  to do. Teaching combines what I like about coaching with subjects that I enjoy.”



At the moment, Mr. Spang enjoys teaching at St. Joe’s. What he likes about St. Joe’s is that it is a pretty tight knit group of students. It’s like we are like a family of sorts.


The best thing about being a teacher for Mr. Spang is when a student figures out something that they thought they wouldn’t be able to figure out. The worst thing about being a teacher is people who act like they don’t want to be in class, who just aren’t interested.


“What I’m trying to do is to build a culture where everyone feels comfortable in not knowing something,” he said. “In Physics, the whole point of it is to solve problems we don’t know the answer to. We have to be comfortable in not knowing the answer to something, But understanding that we can learn a process which when we apply it will lead us to be able to solve a problem.”


Mr. Spang also talks about helping students without bringing them down. He wants his students to help each other out when they know someone else is wrong.