Students trek through Westchester for Mass

Angel-Michelle Guajardo, Staff writer

Going to church in a Private Catholic High School seems normal, especially if the school has a spot for them to do mass in. St. Joseph, however, is a special school.


As an institution, we decided to go down the street for mass on November 1.


Given it was November, some students were ripe to complain about the cold temperatures, but for the most part, students were all in and happy to leave school for mass.


One of those was senior Matt Wolthusen.


“Yeah, I enjoyed it, it was a little chilly, but it was fine by me. The people complaining were just babies,” he said.


Students who chose not to go to mass got to write a paper on the history of All Saint’s Day. So, even for those who complained, it was just a half-mile walk down the block.


Wolthusen claimed that he didn’t mind going when informed that there’ll be another walk to the same church for Ash Wednesday, February 26th.