New math teacher settling in to new digs

Rachel Barnes, Staff writer

Every year, St. Joseph High School welcomes new staff members, and this year they have welcomed three, one of whom is a teacher by the name of Matthew Meindl. Mr. Meindl teaches geometry for sophomores and juniors, and he also teaches AP calculus for seniors. 

Mr. Meindl has always had a love for math, and it has always been one of his strongest subjects. His father himself was also a retired accountant which is where he inherited his number sense and math skills from. Growing up, he lived in the Chicagoland area, particularly the suburbs. He also attended many schools in the Chicago area as well.  

Meindl graduated from Riverside Brookfield in 2010, then attended North Central college in Naperville. There, he double majored in sports management and business management, later getting his Masters at DePaul University in secondary education. 

After North Central College, Meindl took a sales job where he sold corporate hospitality for sporting events, which he later then quit doing. Post sales job, he started subbing and coaching at a middle school in Lyons. which he enjoyed more than his previous job. 

“Right off the bat, just being back in a classroom and coaching basketball, it was kind of a light bulb that went off and made me realize that I do have an opportunity, and that I could go back to school to make that sort of career change in education; it was by far the best decision I’ve made,” Meindl explained. 

When asked about his thoughts on his current workplace here at St. Joseph High School, Meindl explained that the staff and students are very friendly and accommodating, that he hasn’t felt pressured or lost without guidance, and that all together, he thinks that the school is incredible. 

Prior to working at St. Joseph High School, Meindl has only had one other teaching job, where he taught at Neuqua Valley High School in Naperville. This would also be making it his second year of teaching. Before St. Joseph, Meindl has plenty of experience when it came to teaching stating that at DePaul, he was taught how to lesson plan and grade, and everything that it takes to be a teacher. 

He was also transferred to different high schools, which is what he explained as him getting more experience and being able to get a feel of things. He also taught a special ed course where he was put into math courses with a higher amount of special ed students. 

“Most teachers were very encouraging for me to get up and interact, especially during group work and stuff like that,” Meindl went on to say. 

As of now, teaching is most likely in the cards for Mr. Meindl, as he explains that he would love to teach as long as possible, but he also sees himself pivoting in another direction as to where he does have an sports management degree, or maybe be an athletic director. Even with these things, he says that he can definitely still see himself still in the school setting and that he does not see himself switching careers any time soon.