Despite new look, spirit week is a success


Yesenia Fuerte, Staff writer

This year our spirit week was a bit different than others. We had many activities throughout our week, just with a different look and feel to it. From the look of it many students participated and enjoyed spirit week. 

On Monday and Tuesday (Oct. 26 and 27), it was plaid and flannel day. We got to wear plaid or flannel hirts to school. That same day we played a Halloween themed Kahoot! Game and the winners got a T-Shirt. On Wednesday we had relay races with candy and prizes.  

Leslie Jimenez (a junior) said that she enjoyed the spirit week activities but wish there were a bit more fun things to do. 

“Yeah I liked the activities, but I think there should have been more fun activities, don’t get me wrong the activities were fun but I wish there were more,” Jiminez said.   

On Thursday, Oct. 29, we had a school drive in movie theater. From the students that went, I heard they had fun and the food was cheap, so they liked it. They also were able to have fun with their friends even if they were still social distancing.  

On Friday, Oct. 30, it was our Olympic day. It was honestly fun. We had an escape room/scavenger hunt. We had to go all over the school and look for clues so we can win our prize. After we finished that we went back to homeroom and watched a movie for a while. Later we went to the gym where we played Charger Feud, it is the same as family feud, but we just changed the name. Mr. Johnson’s junior homeroom won against the seniors and the faculty. After we finished, we went back to homeroom and waited to be dismissed.

Mrs. McGleam and some other faculty members got together and bought the students candy for Halloween, and we were able to pick some out when we were leaving.  

Although spirit week was different this year, I can say many St. Joe’s students had a blast and cannot wait for our spring spirit week edition.