New club aims to help young men with present, future needs

Anthony Martin, Staff writer

There has been a new club introduced called the Men’s Leadership Club this school year.

This club was created by math teacher Mr. McCamey to provide basic information to young men in the school community. It also was created to give young men a place where they can talk about things they feel they cannot talk about to just anyone.

By having this club, it will give young men the upper hand in life as they take the next step in their lives.

The information they receive can be passed on to other young men outside of the school to help them solve problems they might be experiencing as well and become better young men. The times we are currently living in has caused the young men in this generation to lose sight and knowledge of core things needed to become the best version of themselves.

The topics that will be discussed are business/finances, credit, relationships, how to be successful, confidence/self-empowerment, how to express your feelings and emotions, how to deal with anger and frustration/depression, core live values to live by, being a man, responsibilities, life vs. social media, self-care, career guidance, college, investing, networking, how to tie a tie, peer pressure, and setting goals. There will be more topics that come up as the year goes by, but these are a good start.

When the young men in the community come together and help each other out, things go a lot smoother. There is a lot of violence and crime going on in the world by young men and this club gives young men the chance to make a change in the community they live in and better it for everyone around them, including themselves.

Like the elders say, it takes a community to make a change.